Holstebro og Omegns Fiskeriforening

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Holstebro and Omegns Fiskeriforening are more than a 100 years old.

Our goal is to collect all available fishing waters in the Storå river within the municipality of Holstebro, so that as many as possible have access to fishing in the Storå river, either as a member or via a day pass.

Through the Frøjk Fishing Park, we have for many years struggled to get the status of the Storå river to be a good salmon and sea trout water.

Many volunteers have spent a lot of hours and have bred many fish to achieve this goal. In recent years, we have made many projects with spawning gravel and bigger stones to help ease the flow. Therefore, the board has also decided that we spend DKK 100 of each member fee for improvement of the invironment in the river. Buyers of day fishing licences give DKK 25.00 for each licence for the projects.

In the association we also have a social life. On Tuesdays there is a regular club evening with good stories, planning of fishing trips and sometimes a movie or a lecture of a current topic. There is also the possibility to tie flies under expert guidance.

On Thursdays there is a junior evening in the clubhouse. We have many activities you can learn from. Theory of fishing technology, fly tying, gear manufacturing. All under the guidance of our junior leader Michael H. Hansen.

A few times a year, our member magazine is published. You can read this by clicking the picture of the magazine on the homepage. You will also find a calender with upcoming events.

As a member of our association you will also become a member of the Danish Sports Fishing Association, with all the benefits that it implies. As a result, you will receive the magazine Sportsfiskeren four times a year.

By the way. Did You remember to buy the govenment fishing licence?

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