Holstebro og Omegns Fiskeriforening

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Season: 01/01 to 31/12

HOF Zone 6

In the Vandkraftsøen, Reservatsøen to the suspension bridge, Klosterarmen and Uhresø at Holstebro, fishing is allowed throughout the year. You must, of course, respect the protection regulations contained in the Fishing rules, which you will find under the fishing tab. And then you have to respect the 200 meters protection zone east of the hydroelectric power plant.

You are allowed to fish where you can get down to the water, but of course you can not go into people's gardens and private areas. It is allowed to use up to 2 rods.

It is allowed to use belly boat. However, you must respect the Regulatory for the Vandkraftsøen, which has been prepared by the municipality of Holstebro. Map of the sailing area can be found here. You can read more by clicking on Sejladsregler for Vandkraftsøen.

Map Zone 6

Tap on "P" to get directions to parking including GPS coordinates

Tap onand get the old place name.

Yellow indicates the fishing rights on the north side.

Orange indicates fishing rights on the south side.

Black indicates "Members Only".

Green indicates the driving directions to the car park.

Light blue indicates the foot path to the lake.

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