Aalestrup lystfiskerforening

grapenthin 22-6.jpg

Ålestrup fishing association has the fishing permit to many kilometers of very good fishing water by Simested river.

The name “Simested river” should be well recognized by most of the trout fishers in Denmark. The rivers wide vary from 4 to 8 meters, and have an even stream most of the year. There are a lot of deep spots in the river witch are giving the fish a lot of hiding places.

In addition to being a prime trout water Simested river is also home to a good population of brown trout. May fly fishing is also attracting many fishermen in the warm summer nights.

There is no large population of rainbow trout in the river, but there are caught a few every year.

Besides the fishing, there are a lot of other experiences in the surroundings. The river runs through beautiful nature, where you often can see a deer, hare or fox. The otter can also be seen, along the river with a great verity of birdlife. Kingfisher might pass as a blue lightning, snipes drums in-between the meadow grass tufts and in the streams a heron standing by.